Stephanie Yim
Stephanie is a designer, this is her website.


Hello, I'm Steph.


My current endeavor is Good Call, a social tech nonprofit that I co-founded and designed that runs a completely free 24/7 arrest support hotline for anyone arrested in NYC. Learn more about how we're trying to lower pretrial detention rates and ensure access to a lawyer for all everyone in the New York Times. We were also mentioned on the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. Learn more about what it meant to start for me to start Good Call in Forbes.

When I’m not working on Good Call, I freelance design, specializing in the non-profit and social tech space. I’ve had the fortune of working with organizations that are challenging the status quo and changing our society for the better. Prior to Good Call, I designed for global brands like MasterCard and Chrysler FIAT.

I also enjoy talking extensively about podcasts, books, the sharing economies, and Tegan and Sara.  I try to ask myself "what if" and "why not?" at least a couple times a day. You can find me winding down from the day by practicing lettering, visiting supermarkets, and playing basketball. 

Let's collaborate and inspire each other. Say hi, all friends were once strangers. 


Rad socially-minded clients I designed for:

Propel - Nesterly - Alice - Yenko - Center for Court Innovation