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Why Not Experiments | Storytelling


Why not...fall in love again?


Why Not Experiments (2015-present)

You can follow the ongoing project here and read about on WhyNotExperiments.  


A series of social experiments and projects to remind us of the little joys of life - in hopes to make the world a slightly friendlier & happier place. 

In our busy and chaotic lives, we sometimes forget that the person breathing down on us during our subway morning commute also has family and friends, dreams and ambitions, stories of love and heartbreak, and most of all, is also trying to get through the day just like each one of us. The project hopes to remind us that and that if we slow down sometimes and say hello, a stranger can become a friend.



Help me convince a heartbroken friend that it is okay to fall in love again

Why Not Fall in Love (Again) was inspired by personal tales of love and heartbreak.  I approached friends and strangers and asked if they would help me convince a heartbroken friend that it's okay to fall in love again. Everyone has experienced the fear of caring a little too much, being a little too crazy, losing yourself or losing that someone special. The project is not meant to mend broken hearts, but rather open those that are heartbroken to the possibility of love again. 

Each supporter of love took a picture with the sign and verbally gave me one reason on the spot about why they thought that we shouldn't be afraid to fall in love. The photos were shared using the hashtag #whynotfallinloveagain and were taken everywhere from Washington Square Park in NYC to Shirahama, Japan. No matter where I went or who I asked, one thing for sure was that love is a universal language that connects the human experience, that while love hurts sometimes, it's always worth falling for.